Aram Demirjian, Assistant Conductor

Kansas City Symphony, Kansas City, Missouri since 2012

“My time as assistant conductor of Symphony Nova played an invaluable role in helping me prepare for major conducting auditions. It was the ideal environment in which to spend my first year out of graduate school, not just to help nurture my growth as a musician, but also to learn first-hand about the inner workings of a symphony orchestra. I am so grateful to Larry for giving me this wonderful opportunity, and for his willingness to involve me significantly in the artistic planning for the 2012-13 season — I learned so much from the experience. Also my greatest thanks go out to the board for welcoming me so warmly into the Symphony Nova family. I couldn’t be more excited to be the next assistant conductor of the Kansas City Symphony, and look forward to following the exciting growth of Symphony Nova from my new home in the Midwest.”

Roger Flatt, Trombone

Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra, Japan since September 2010

Symphony Nova “was one of my favorite playing experiences during this point of my career. It was a new orchestra, full of young talent that was interested in making good music together. They were concerts that I could look forward to in my list of not so exciting playing opportunities in Boston.

“A training orchestra that takes on young talent for a short period of time can be an invaluable tool for a young performer. The best way to get better at orchestral playing is to actually do orchestral playing. The ability to do this week in and week out sharpens your orchestra playing chops better than sitting alone in a practice room ever could. Having a organization like this would be a great benefit to the young musical talent in the Boston area.”

Thomas Haggerty, Principal Tuba

National Center for the Performing Arts Orchestra, Beijing, China since March 2010

Symphony Nova “provided a very positive environment of young professional players eager to continue having good musical experiences while advancing their careers. Nova’s repertoire programming is enjoyable for the audience while also providing the opportunity to perform staples of the literature that often appear on orchestra auditions. I felt that our performances were fresh as the orchestra seemed to have a mixture of regular players and new incoming talent.”