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Symphony Nova and a group of local poets led by Nadia Colbern, whose poetry has been widely published in such places as The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, and The Boston Globe Magazine, are collaborating to present three highly-anticipated performances featuring poetry inspired by and read aloud alongside Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, Mozart’s Serenade K.388, Piazzolla’s Libertango and Ferenc Farkas’ Antique Hungarian Dances each arranged or written for woodwind quintet.

The interdisciplinary arts event will explore the connection between music and local, living poets who penned new works specifically for the occasion. “Poetry is so closely related to music–it’s fun to bring the two explicitly together. And the music becomes an inspiration, a kind of world in itself, that I respond to in the poem,” said featured poet Nadia Colburn, who will read her poem inspired by Piazzolla’s Libertango for woodwind quintet. “I listened to it first on a very cold day and felt a rush of warmth and a sense of invitation from the music.”

Maura Cunningham, author of the poem to accompany Mozart’s “Night” Serenade for winds, was inspired by the instruments themselves – “’Wind’ as instrument, as breath, as elemental force, as muse – is so rich and full of inspiration and potential.”

Laura Bernard, another local poet featured at the event, is “relying on inner consciousness [to] absorb music” and inspire her work.

Peggy McClellan, the poet writing to Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, wrote: “I remembered, vividly, when listening to RAVEL, I was lying on my bed as a little girl while my mother’s silky soft voice told me tales of flower fairies and magic keys and children being shrunk, in the forest, to dance amongst the fairies.  I remembered feeling so heavy and warm and safe.  Those stories, so full of life and imagination—with the faintest, softest filter on the lens of my life, made everything okay.

“I enjoyed writing this piece so much and basking in the light and comfort of that place where I rested my head on my mother’s “pillows” and our breath fell in rhythm while we shared magical moments in imagination and dreams. “
All four poets share their work with each other regularly. Laura and Peggy are frequent participants in Nadia’s private poetry workshops, which provide a forum for sharing and feedback. “It’s always really nourishing for poets to have a community to share work in, for inspiration and feedback and also a general sense of camaraderie in a world where not many people are talking about poetry,” Nadia wrote.

Symphony Nova will perform at a unique and appropriate venue, Trident Bookstore, which will be the first musical event in recent years at “the last independent bookstore in Boston.” Trident offers several public events per week in their cozy second floor café.

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