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Meet the Choreographers

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Symphony Nova’s collaboration with Tony Williams Ballet on Friday, November 20th at Old South and Saturday, November 21st at Tony Williams Dance Center will feature new pieces by four choreographers accompanied by chamber music. Here is what two of our choreographers have to say about their pieces: Read More

Tony Williams Ballet – About The Music

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Dag Wiren (1905 – 1986) followed a tradition of classical Nordic composers including Jean Sibelius and others. His music has a strong rhythmic pulse throughout, and his works after 1950 became characterized by repetitive phrases that gradually transform, a style that almost seems to have anticipated the minimalist sounds of Philip Glass or John Adams today. Read More

October 16 Features Rarely-Heard Music

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Nino Rota (1911 – 1979) is best known for his scores for The Godfather I and II, the second of which received an academy award for best film score. He wrote prolifically for film, working closely with several leading film directors of his time. He had an especially close relationship with director Federico Fellini, enabling the two to collaborate at a level rarely afforded a composer-director duo. Read More

Symphony Nova Announces Inaugural Class of Fellows

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Symphony Nova is excited to announce openings for their inaugural class of Nova Fellows in the 2014-15 season. The Nova Fellowship will be an immersive training program for recent music school or conservatory graduates and young professionals. The program is designed to transform polished classical musicians into dynamic and culturally relevant agents of change in the community. The Nova Fellowship focuses on three core values essential for successful artists in the 21st century: Read More

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