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Meet the Choreographers

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Symphony Nova’s collaboration with Tony Williams Ballet on Friday, November 20th at Old South and Saturday, November 21st at Tony Williams Dance Center will feature new pieces by four choreographers accompanied by chamber music. Here is what two of our choreographers have to say about their pieces: Read More

Tony Williams Ballet – About The Music

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Dag Wiren (1905 – 1986) followed a tradition of classical Nordic composers including Jean Sibelius and others. His music has a strong rhythmic pulse throughout, and his works after 1950 became characterized by repetitive phrases that gradually transform, a style that almost seems to have anticipated the minimalist sounds of Philip Glass or John Adams today. Read More

Symphony Nova, A Tight-Knit Experience

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I don’t know if you were at the last Symphony Nova concert, but if you were, you may have noticed that Symphony Nova is a little different than other orchestras.  Instead of going into a gigantic concert hall to sit quietly and listen to a 100 person orchestra, you would have walked into a cozy chapel at Old South Church to be greeted by 10 players on stage!

While we are going to have the traditional large orchestra concert later in the season, our first concert, as well as our upcoming concert, are both chamber sized, and that is what has made my experience as the violin fellow with Nova very unique. Read More

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